I hereby unconditionally release and discharge RIDE THE RIDGES, being the event, the Cities of Winona, Rushford, Houston and La Crescent and the Counties of Winona, Fillmore and Houston, State of Minnesota, Rotary International, the Winona Rotary Club and its members and officers, Feed My Starving Children, Winona Volunteer Services, event sponsors, the officers, agents, employees and members of the event sponsors, and all event volunteers from all claims, demands and actions which I and / or my heirs, executors, or assigns may have against them for damages to personal property, personal injuries and / or death caused by or arising out of my preparation for and participation in RIDE THE RIDGES. I acknowledge the inherent dangers involved in bicycling. I accept responsibility for all risks involved in bicycling, including the possibility of incurring injuries and death caused by other participants, motorists, the rigors of bicycling, road surfaces, and weather conditions. My physical condition allows me to participate in RIDE THE RIDGES. I voluntarily execute this Release with full knowledge that I will not be able to hold any of the foregoing individuals or entities liable for such damages, injuries or death. I also understand that all entry fees I pay are non-refundable. I agree to wear a helmet during the ride. I agree to allow photograph(s) of me for promotional purposes related to RIDE THE RIDGES. I have read this Release and understand all of its terms.

If a participant is under eighteen (18) years of age, then this Release and a registration form must be signed by the participant’s parent or legal guardian.