This page is used to:

  • Select your route; and
  • Select your sock size.

This page may be used to:

  • Make optional apparel purchase(s); and / or
  • Make a donation to Feed My Starving Children

To proceed:

1.  Using the dropdown box, select a route

2.  Click "Add to Cart"

3.  Click "Continue Shopping"

4.  Use the dropdown box to select a sock size

5.  Click "Add to Cart"

6.  Click "Continue Shopping" if you want to purchase apparel / make a donation or click "Check Out" to complete your registration.

7.  If you choose to purchase apparel and / or make a donation, then proceed to make your selection(s).

8.  Click "Check Out" when finished and to complete your registration.


 You will have an opportunity to review all of your selections and, if necessary, make changes before making payment.


** Entry fees are non-refundable **


1. Select Route

Use dropdown box to select your route and then click"Add to Cart" and then "Continue Shopping"



2. Select Sock Size

RTR socks are included at no additional cost.   Use dropdown box to select size and the click "Add to Cart"



3.  Purchase RTR Apparel (Optional)

 Please see the Size Chart provided by Primal for information concerning jersey fit and sock size.

                           "To take full advantage of the technical properties of your Primal apparel, it should fit close to the body so that moisture is                                         effectively transported away from the skin to help keep you cool and dry.  FOR A LOOSER FITTING JERSEY, PLEASE ORDER ONE SIZE UP                                     FROM THE SIZE SHOWN IN THE SIZE CHART."

A limited number of jerseys remain unsold.  Check for available sizes. 

Men's Jersey


Women's Jersey


Please see the size chart for the Long sleeve T-Shirt and the Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

A limited number of t-shirts remain unsold.  Check for available sizes. 

Uni-sex Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt


4. Make a donation to Feed My Starving Children (Optional)